Hello! Welcome to my world of words. Early in my life, I battled an illness that took me on a long journey and left me with a story.  Ever since, I have had an insatiable passion for all things words. My life is full of books. I have read thousands en route to this particular intersection in my life where I get to help you be your best with words as well.
One thing that has ignited my peculiar passion for proofreading is the numerous amount of errors that  I have found in books nowadays. It creates challenges for readers, and my passion is to help smooth the waters for those who drink from the ever-growing rivers of words we are surrounded with today.
For those of us who study the   English language, we know that there is a list of variables within  our language; but the truth is that it is not a list of variables but rather volumes of them. As a student of all things words, I now have years of experience reading after both masters of the page and those with less skill.
I believe that every story needs to be told and should be told. However, the grievous errors of the written word need not be a hindrance. This is where my skill set as a certified proofreader enters into the writer's world.  My goal is to help you shine your brightest when putting pen to paper or type to screen. Through the polishing of your works, I can help you refine them to have the greatest impact for your readers, your teachers, your boss, or whomever your audience may be.
                   -Krystle Berg-

"The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away."

 -William Shakespeare-